Single Truffle Tote



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You want to pass out a single truffle as a party or wedding favor, but what's the best way to package a single decadent treat? Package it in this elegant Single Truffle Tote.

  • Great way to present a party or wedding favor
  • Designed to hold a single decadent truffle or other small treat
  • Hole at the top of the container allows the tote to be hung by a string or ribbon
  • Sold in 14 different designs, perfect for any occasion
  • Sold in packages of 50 or cases of 200

Available Colors: Clear Plastic, Let It Snow w/ Foil Snowflakes, Pink w/ Red Foil Hearts, Red w/ White Polka Dots, Black w/ White Polk Dots, Red Pearl, Black Pearl, Gold Pearl, Brown Pearl, Aqua Pearl, Pink Pearl, Lavender Pearl, White Pearl, or Kraft
Dimensions: 1.563" x 1.563" x 1.5"

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