Tap Packaging + Design is eco-conscious in its sustainable packaging manufacturing. We use recycled and recyclable paperboard packaging materials whenever possible, and we recycle over 600 tons of materials annually. We utilize green and energy efficient equipment, like the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press, to reduce waste, minimize energy consumption, and reduce our carbon footprint. Tap is very proud to be Forest Stewardship Council® certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Tap Packaging + Design values environmental stewardship and recognizes our responsibility to operate our sustainable paperboard packaging business in the quest for a greener planet.

Tap Packaging + Design is committed to supplying green, innovative, and sustainable paperboard packaging products to our customers. We operate under the principles of Lean Manufacturing, an operational approach to eliminating waste through a process of continuous improvement.

Sustainability picture with arrows going around in a circle and a tree in the middle