Specialty Food

Two specialty Yoplait Go-Gurt boxes depicting characters from Disney's Frozen and Disney's The Mandalorian

When a consumer first encounters your specialty food item, there will not be someone there to hand them a sample. They have to rely on your product packaging to decide if this is right for them. So for all the care you put into creating your product, you need to put that same care into your packaging!

Tap Packaging + Design has worked with countless brands who offer up a variety of specialty foods from teas to cookies and more. Through every detail big and small, our team will work with you to design custom product packaging that works best for your needs, whether it is a simple folding carton or a more complex rigid box.

Selling a tea that’s focused on the natural elements? Create a box from Kraft paper. Want to pull in the millennial consumer? Try adding windows or realistic images that give a true sense of the product inside. No matter what sort of material you choose or embellishments you add, you are sure to get a package that conveys the same level of quality as the product inside.