Sales Team Urgent Request

This form must be submitted by the sales representative for any order accepted with a ship date of less than 15 working days from the order date, or for any order that will be accepted with less than 15 days to process. This form must be filled out as soon as possible. For example, I know we’ll have an order for GE on Monday with a ship date of 10 days from the PO. Even though it’s only Wednesday, I’ll enter the form request now.

These requests will be reviewed and prioritized by the Sales Manager. This form request does not guarantee the dates can be met and does not replace any existing procedures currently in place. This is a sales management tool. It will be shared with production planning but the main purpose is to assist the Sales Manager in prioritizing rush orders that come in to the plant at the same time as well as managing customer expectations.

If a rush order is entered without submitting this form, the order may not be prioritized or reviewed as needed to meet the customers expectation.