Prototypes and samples are an invaluable asset. Whether you are looking to test a new package design or are just entering the consumer market, you want to get a feel for what that final product will look like and how customers might react before you invest in full-scale production. But, how can you feel confident that this design is right for your brand when the only sample you get is a sample that doesn’t represent what that final product will look like?

At Tap, we understand the value of a prototype, which is why we offer real production-quality samples. Use them for product testing, tradeshows, sales meetings, or trainings. Imagine how much easier it will be to win new business and expand your product offerings when you can hand over sample packaging that accurately represents what your final product will look like on the shelf.

So how do we produce these samples? Through the use of digital printing! Our digital printing capabilities offer a unique advantage, allowing us to do shorter, faster runs so we can get the samples in your hands without having to wait for full production. And, with the power of the HP Indigo 30000, we can even run different versions of your packaging all at the same time. Try different fonts, change up the color, or design more personalized promotions. With digital printing, you can bring all your ideas to life! Once the samples are printed, we’ll cut them using our CAD table or semi-automatic machines, glue them, and ship them off to you! Now, you have a prototype that will help you make the best possible decision when it comes to your brand and your packaging.