Three salted caramel folding boxes placed inside an exterior folding carton with a window to see the boxes that are inside

Folding Cartons

Folding cartons make up the majority of packaging in the consumer packaged goods industry. Lightweight and compact, it is the ideal option for everything from cereal to cosmetics. Designed to ship flat and be assembled on arrival, a folding carton provides a more simple and straight-forward way to present your brand and get your product on the shelf.

At Tap, you can partner with our packaging designers to create a folding carton that will help your brand stand out and command attention. Take advantage of our digital printing capabilities, add some extra flair with foil stamping, or even include an added element of texture with embossing.

A rigid 2-piece chocolate box shown with gold foil and embossed detailing

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are the packaging of choice when you need some extra strength or you want your product to have an elevated look and feel. Rigid set-up boxes are made from standard wrap chipboard and are the perfect packaging option for things like high-end chocolate assortments, jewelry, or electronics. We offer a standard approach with a two-piece lid and base design that can be customized to your needs. Looking for something with an even more luxurious feel? Check out our section on High-End Presentation and Gift Packaging.

A cocktail box made from micro flute material holding a small bottle of gin and a small bottle of tonic water

Micro Flute Cartons

Sometimes you need packaging that can withstand being stacked in a warehouse club pallet or jostled during the mailing process. That’s when you turn to micro flute. Micro flute cartons offer greater durability and strength, making them a perfect option for club packs, presentation shippers, or subscription box shippers. But, you do not want your product in just any old box.

That’s why Tap offers a more high-end option, with the ability to put graphics and branding right on the carton. Print directly on N-flutes or do a fully customized printed laminate on E & F-flutes. Now, you have the ability to upgrade your cartons with graphics and other branding for a carton that will stand out in the crowd.

Award-Winning high end box with foil stamping and spot gloss

High-End Presentation / Gift Packaging

Gift sets, luxury brands, limited edition products – they all demand packaging that provides an elevated look. These custom rigid boxes are made with 80 to 100 point chipboard for a high-end feel and even more durable design. Hand assembled with care, these boxes can be customized with a variety of embellishments that otherwise cannot be done by a machine. Include a window to see the product inside, add a vac-form tray to keep everything secure, or seal the box with a magnetic closure. The Tap team can work with you to create custom high-end or gift packaging that showcases your product and brand in the perfect light.

Custom photo frame for Sacramento

Photographic Print Packaging

Tap has been producing professional photography packaging for over 110 years, giving us the knowledge you can trust. Work with our designers to create a totally custom product designed to perfectly fit your brand’s needs. We will be with you throughout every step of the process. Create a custom souvenir photo frame for that special keepsake picture or design packaging to help ensure a customer’s prints arrive safely. Whatever it is you are looking for, we will help make it a reality.