Production Samples

Pre-production samples are often a requirement for Brands to approve a packaging design prior
to the first volume run. Tap’s unique set of capabilities can easily and affordably meet this requirement.

With the HP Indigo 30000, the premier digital printing press for folding cartons, coupled with our short-run production work-flow, Tap assists customers by delivering high quality, short-run pre-production samples in an expedited timeline. These pre-production samples are often used as Sales Samples, or in Photo Shoots for marketing and website copy, or just as a tool to explore what options are feasible and brand-approved. 

Our 120-year legacy has given us much experience, but also a lot of rare equipment that we today use for short-volume jobs. Instead of a time-intensive setup and expensive tooling to foil stamp and die-cut 100 sheets, Tap utilizes smaller format, fast-setup foil stamping and die cutting equipment. This makes the process for production samples faster and more cost-effective.