Pre-Press At times, it’s just the last few crucial steps that need some assistance. That’s when
Tap’s pre-press team can apply their unique skill set to ensure art files are print
ready. While it may seem simple, the pre-press step ensures that the artwork you
see on the final proof is the artwork you see after all is printed and finished during
the production process. A missed outline or layer or bleed can result in a less than
ideal finished product. And depending on the complexity of the print or the
material of the carton, the file set up can be one of the more complicated yet
essential parts of the entire job.

Tap’s experienced pre-press team applies our state-of-the-art Esko pre-press
software for the final pre-flighting process and in the end, your art file is a
complete blueprint for how the job needs to be printed, coated, foil stamped,
embossed, die cut, windowed and glued.