Package Design Consulting


When it comes to designing packaging that stands out, the options may seem endless – so where to begin? What’s practical? What is even available in today’s overwhelmed supply chain?

Partnering with the Creative Services team at Tap is a convenient way to explore options that are practical, available and even within budget and the timeline you’re planning.

Tap’s extensive network of suppliers and the first-hand experience of how certain materials, foils, embossing and other finishing techniques work in a real-world environment has proven to be a critical part of the development process for our partners. Once a Brand experiences the value and convenience of Tap’s guidance and consult on their packaging projects, they simply never go back.

We employ a wide range of talent and expertise – and we’re always eager to share and lead our customers towards the right fit for their needs. Our network of suppliers and the library of samples we keep can help get you on the right track fast.