Child Labor
Tap Packaging + Design does not and will not employ workers under the age of 15.
No person under the age of eighteen is employed in hazardous or heavy work.
Tap Packaging + Design prohibits the worst forms of child labor.

Force and Compulsory Labor
Employment relationships at Tap Packaging + Design are voluntary and based on
mutual consent, without the threat of a penalty
Tap Packaging + Design does not engage in any practices of forced or compulsory
labor including, but not limited to, the following,
Physical and sexual violence
Bonded labor
Withholding of wages including employment fees and or payment of deposit to commence
Restriction of mobility/movement
Retention of any original identity documents
Threats of denunciation to authorities

Discrimination in Employment and Occupation
Employment and occupational practices at Tap Packaging + Design are nondiscriminatory
and complies to all local, state, and federal laws.

Freedom of Association and the Right to Collective Bargaining
At Tap Packaging + Design,
Employees can establish or join worker organizations of their own choosing.
Tap respects the full freedom of workers’ organizations to draw up their
constitutions and rules.
Tap respects the rights of workers to engage in lawful activities related to forming, joining,
or assisting a workers’ organization, or to refrain from doing the same, and will not
discriminate or punish workers for exercising these rights.
Tap Packaging + Design negotiates with lawfully established workers’
organizations and/ or duly selected representatives in good faith and with
the best efforts to reach a collective bargaining agreement.
Collective bargaining agreements are implemented where they exist.