Health & Beauty


The market for health and beauty products is fast-growing and constantly evolving. Thanks to social media and a growing mindfulness of health, it seems like every day a skincare or cosmetic product is being brought to market with bigger and better claims. With so much noise, how do you ensure that your product stands out and captures the attention of consumers?

To stand out, you need to make sure that your custom packaging aligns with the current trends. Try using bigger and bolder fonts with minimalist designs or use a more muted color palette to give off the sense of high-end luxury. Different finishes can even help capture attention. Use foil stamping for an added sparkle or try embossing to add some texture.

At Tap Packaging + Design, we can help you create whatever you have in mind. Create a folding carton perfect for mass market, take advantage of digital technology for a shorter run of limited edition packaging, or create gift packaging that perfectly aligns with the quality and luxury of the product inside. Whatever you might have in mind, our designers can work with you to help bring your packaging to life and get your product on the shelves.