Finishing Services

GIF depicting the Spot UV coating used on the front of chocolate bars creating a glossy effect on the bird and flavor name

Spot UV Coating

Packaging is meant to catch someone’s attention, so you do not want it to all be one note. You need something that pops. Spot UV Coating is the perfect way to make a specific element of your design stand out. Use it to make your brand name pop, add fun elements like water droplets, or use it to really emphasize the image of your product. How does it work? First, a matte coating is applied all over the printed carton. Then, a glossy liquid coating is applied to the designated areas. In the end, you get a nice contrast between the overall matte look of your packaging and the glossy finish of your selected elements.

Close-up of custom food packaging with Strike-Through Coating on the main product label

Strike-Through Coating

Do you have a bigger element that you want to make glossy like a logo that takes up most of the design? Strike-Through Coating is a great alternative to Spot UV Coating. Unlike Spot UV, the matte/gloss contrast is achieved without the use of special flexible coating plates. A matte varnish is applied directly to the printing unit in the areas that are supposed to stay matte. Then, an overall gloss coating is applied. As that coating cures, it gets dulled down in the areas where that matte varnish was applied, leaving you with the matte/glossy contrast you were hoping to achieve.

Jim Beam packaging showing the use of soft touch detailing on the stars on the box

Soft Touch Coating

Packaging is not always just about the visuals. Customers are going to pick it up, turn it over in their hands, and maybe even make a design based solely on the feel of your packaging. That’s why you need to think about making your packaging a more tactile experience too. And, the perfect way to do that is through Soft Touch Coating. This finish is a special coating that creates a soft, velvety texture on your packaging. Create a soft touch feel all over with a large application or spot apply the coating to things like your logo or other small design elements.

Close up of Rec Rays foil stamped logo on custom packaging

Hot Or Cold Foil Stamping

There is nothing quite like foil on product packaging to really draw the eye. Adding that classic element can be done in two different ways:

Hot Foil Stamping is the traditional way to apply foil and offers a wide array of metallic and pigment foils to choose from. This process uses a stamping die combined with heat and pressure to apply metallic foil to the substrate. Ideal for adding logos or text, this process is best suited for smaller areas and stamping on both uncoated or coated substrates.

Cold Foil Stamping is applied directly to the printing press and does not require a stamping die. Instead, silver or gold cold foil is applied directly to an adhesive image using a standard printing plate. That foil can then be over-printed with process inks to create a wide variety of metallic colors. Great for mostly larger foil areas, this process is designed for use on smooth, coated substrates.

Close up of a Lilly's Handmade Chocolates Box showing the embossed floral design. Box is shown against a yellow background


A soft touch coating is not the only way to add some tactile appeal to your packaging. Another classic method is through embossing! Embossing creates a raised design through the use of either copper or brass embossing dies. And, you can even create different effects like beveled, raised roof, raised round, raised flat, or sculptured emboss. It is a great option for logos, certifications, seals, and more. Want something a little different than your standard embossed design? Try de-bossing instead. Instead of creating a raised design, it creates a sunken relief for a different tactile effect.

Close-up of hands assembling and adding embellishments to a rigid box

Hand-Assembly and Embellishments

Have you ever wanted to really step-up your packaging game? Maybe you are creating a gift set or launching a new luxury product. Items like that require an added level of workmanship. Our skilled team of artisans can handle the embellishments that machines just cannot. Great for smaller quantity box orders, we can easily add a variety of embellishments by hand. Add a magnetic closure, attach some ribbon, add large windows. It is the perfect way to take your packaging up a notch.