Close-up of Heidelberg XL Speedmaster 8-Color Hybrid Printing Press

Heidelberg Speedmaster

The Heidelberg XL is an 8-color hybrid press that allows for both UV and conventional printing inks and coatings. This press is equipped with a Foilstar for inline cold foil application, four UV interdeck units for instant curing, dual coaters, two additional drying units, and a three times extended delivery. So many capabilities all in one machine means greater productivity, greater efficiency, and less waste while still maintaining the quality and reliability that your packaging demands. 

Side angle of HP Indigio 30000 Digital Printing Press

HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press

In 2014, Tap was one of the first companies in the USA to invest in the HP Indigo 30000. This printing press is the very first Digital Printing Press designed for high quality folding cartons on a wide variety of substrates, including kraft, CRB and foil board. With minimal waste, zero set-up, high quality color match, and fast turnaround, this machine is the optimal solution for shorter, more frequent runs – without sacrificing print quality.

Serving as a sustainable choice in product packaging, the HP Indigo 30000 saves up to 250 tons of paperboard waste and 200,000 square feet of plate material per year! Plus, thanks to improved supply chain efficiencies, it even helps our customers reduce inventory, which means no more obsolete stock.

Close up of packaging equipment with stack of paperboard

Printing Presses: Heidelberg XL105-8LYYL with Foilstart, Heidelberg SM102, and HP 30000 Digital Offset Press

Die Cutters: Kama Procut DC 76 Foil A, Bobst SP102, Brausse BF750, Heidelberg ProMatrix 106 CS, and Thompson Hand Press

Foil Stampers: Bobst SP102 BMA, Brausse BF750, and Kama Procut DC 76 Foil A

Folder Gluers: Diana Easy 115, Kama Flexfold 52i, Omega Performa Plus 110, and International Royal 40

Litho Laminators: Lamina 1116 FA and Crathern QSL

Close up of paperboard packaging equipment

Window Patching: Kohmann F1100

Rigid Box Equipment: Emmeci MC-2004 and Crathern Transparent Box Machine

Case-Making Equipment: Kolbus DA-270 with Inline Board Slitter and Crathern XL Case Wrapper

Roll Sheeter: SHM 1400HS Roll Sheeter and Rosenthal Roll Sheeter