Consumer Products

Four different boxes designed for GE products with two boxes up front and two lightbulb boxes in the back

Packaging a consumer product is not as easy as tossing it in a box and putting it on a store shelf. There are certain questions you have to ask. Will this grab someone’s attention and ultimately drive sales? Does this work both on a store shelf and in the growing world of ecommerce? Does it fit the current trends of the day? Is everything consistent so you can build brand recognition? It is a lot to think about, and rightly so, considering well-designed product packaging could be the deciding factor between someone buying your product and someone passing it up.

But, where do you begin? Tap Packaging + Design has created consumer packaging for countless brands, all with different needs and different markets to contend with. Our designers will work with you to come up with custom packaging that perfectly suits your needs, whether it is a box for a lightbulb or a special holiday gift set.

We offer a variety of different materials, a number of different finishing techniques, and can even offer hand-assembly for those high-end embellishments that a machine just cannot do. Have a shorter run or need something with more of that personalized feel? We even offer digital printing technologies, giving you the fast turnaround you need without sacrificing any of the quality.