Chocolates, cakes, and other sweets are a temptation that few can pass up. But your brand cannot rely on a consumer’s sweet tooth alone. Consumers still look to product packaging as a way to decide what choice is best for them. And, with a growing concern for general health, they are also reaching for items that better fit into their healthy lifestyle. So, how do you keep consumers reaching for your products?

At Tap Packaging + Design, we have worked with countless brands selling everything from chocolate to popcorn. Our packaging designers can work with you to create the ideal gift box for that special assortment or come up with a carton perfect for those new mini-sized treats. We can even help you implement interesting design elements like spot-coating or using foil to catch a consumer’s eye.

Need something with a few less bells and whistles? We have an entire stock confection line waiting for you! Our stock line offers a range of products including auto bottom boxes, rigid boxes, macaron trays, and more. You can even add a personal touch by imprinting boxes with your logo. Check out what our confection line has to offer!

custom folding carton with foil and embossing for chocolate bar