What are photographers saying about Tap photo folios?

by Austin Johnson October 01, 2015

September was Folio Month at Tap Packaging Solutions. Tap decided to celebrate the folio because they are a popular showcase for school portraits and this is the time when many photographers are putting together their school portrait packages. Folios have several preferred uses for showing and protecting photographic prints. First, they are considered a great addition to the photo package for displaying a group of the best portraits, but also a great product as a delivery vehicle for sports action shots, portfolios or senior portraits. We decided it would be best to have photographers tell us how they use folios.

We put together a list of photographers who recently purchased folios from Tap and let them answer some questions in a short survey. There were 137 photographers who took the survey from a list of nearly 3600 who received our request to take it.

Before we start, it would be good to know that folios are offered in three primary styles. They are:

1. Self-adhesive Folios for composite prints (two or three composite photos are placed on a bi-fold or tri-fold self-adhesive cover)

2. Standard Folios that come complete and ready to load with individual prints (usually 4, 6, 8, or 12 prints)


3. Design Your Own where you select a cover, mats and then order prints to fit your mat choices. You do the assembly to create a completely custom look.

Survey Answers:

For Questions Q3 thru Q6 we will list the most common responses:

Q3. What do you like about Tap folios?
Top 5 Answers:
a. Quality
b. Good Price
c. Like the look
d. Ease of use.
e. The ability to customize

Q4. What advantage does the folio have over other photo packaging products?
Top 5 Answers:
a. Ease of use, Simple and complete
b. Quality Presentation
c. Professional Level
d. Offers Multiple Poses
e. Senior Portrait Display

Q5. What purpose does the folio serve for you? Or in other words, how do you use the folio to present and/or sell prints to your customers?
Top 5 Answers:
a. For Presentation
b. Great Add-on to my package
c. Display Showcase
d. Senior Portraits
e. Proofing

Q6. Which folio or photo gallery do you usually purchase from Tap?
Top 5 Answers:
a. Superior Mount (self-adhesive)
b. Standard 8-view (standard)
c. Senior 6V-2H (standard)
d. Customview (Make your own)
e. Flora (Make your own)

Q7. What advice do you have for other photographers considering including a Folio in their offering?
There was a great response to this question and we would love to show all the answers, but the sense of what they are telling us is captured in these few.

a. I believe the folio is a powerful visual tool in communicating the value of the portraits. By placing photos in the folio, we’re telling our customers that ‘these’ portraits are worthy of framing. It esteems my photographs, me as a photographer and how important the customer is in the eyes of our studio. If a photographer treats his or her images as pieces of paper, they’ll never command respect from clients, nor will they be selling their images as works of art. As photographers we’re in the image presentation business. Anyone with a cell phone can create an image, so pro photographers need to get it through their heads that its how they present their images is what separates themselves from everyone else. Frankly, that’s where Tap comes into the picture in creating products that help photographers succeed in creating a prestige for their images.

b. Ease of use and nice presentation. The adhesive on the Superior Mount folios holds well, I tried a different brand in the past and the print started to lift after a short time.

c. Consistency in quality and design. They are classy, and most customers think they look great on shelves or mantles.

d. They are attractive, professional looking and at a price point that is manageable.

e. We can offer them at a lower price point than a small album.

f. I like that I can choose standard or custom styles, depending on my needs at the time.

g. My customers still like them. I have the option of exchanging the folio for a print, but no one chooses that option.

h. I believe Tap folios represent some of the most attractive and creative options for presenting portraits as well providing a tool for upselling within the portrait sales process. The wide variety of configurations/layouts is also a strong feature benefit.

i. The quality is phenomenal and I love that my logo can be added.

j. I like the prompt service we receive.  But even more important is the positive reaction to a quality folio we receive from our customers.


We hope this helps to raise awareness to the benefits of the folio for those who do not currently offer folios or those that are interested in ways to improve their sales. If you have questions about folios or would like help in making your first purchase, you can always contact a Tap Customer Service representative. To learn more, call a representative at 800-827-5679.

Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson