VIDEO INTERVIEWS: packagePRINTING Magazine talks to Tap’s design manager Jaime Wilhelm about consumer brand packaging production

by Tap Marketing January 02, 2017

packagePRINTING Magazine recently had a video conversation with Tap’s design & engineering manager Jaime Wilhelm about the production journey of Tap’s Jack Daniel’s corrugated gift carton and“Fleurir Chocolates — Taste the Nation, Bar by Bar,” a digitally printed folding carton project.

The Jack Daniel’s corrugated carton and Fleurir Chocolates folding carton set were award-winners in packagePRINTING Magazine’s 2016 Excellence Awards — Jack Daniel’s taking the Offset Corrugated category, and Fleurir Chocolates winning the category for Digitally Printed Folding Cartons.

Watch the interviews below and learn how Tap’s design team tackled the challenges for each client and turned out successful brand packaging.

Tap makes iconic Jack Daniel’s brand stand out on the shelves with a knock-out Corrugated Gift Set

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PPM talks to Tap about producing corrugated gift carton packaging for the iconic Jack Daniel’s brand

Tap articulates Fleurir Chocolates’ sophisticated branding concept with 6 unified versions of HP Indigo 30000 Digitally Printed Folding Cartons

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PPM talks to Tap about creating the packaging for “Fleurir Chocolates — Taste the Nation, Bar by Bar”

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