Think Outside The Stock Packaging Box – Photography Edition

by Megan Arnold July 15, 2020

We’ve talked about ways that you can use stock confection packaging, but have you ever considered the different ways you can use photography packaging? Seems a little more difficult when you’re just talking about a picture in a frame. But, with a little imagination, even a photo folder can be put to other use.

Atlas Certificate Holder

A great way to boost morale for employees is to show them that they are appreciated! But, a piece of paper can sometimes be a bit lackluster. So step up your award game! Certificate holders make a great way to present employee recognition awards. It offers a classy, professional look and keeps awards protected. Tap has several options available, from simple paper frames to padded certificate holders, so there’s something for everyone.

Capitol Folder

Birthday, holidays, anniversaries – you want to send a card but store-bought cards don’t always feel personal. How do you add a personal touch without relying on whatever you can find in Aisle B12? Create your own! Take a photo folder – like the Capitol Folder, Event Folder, or the Cape Cad - add a picture, and write your personalized message. It’s a great way to show you are really thinking about someone, and use up a few of those spare school pictures you have laying around.

Show-Off Easel

If you’ve been to a tradeshow, you know there’s a lot that goes into setting up a booth. And, one of the most important things to think about is how you’re going to display all that company information. Laying out a couple of flyers won’t draw in attention. Instead, use a Show-Off Easel. Display your fliers around your booth and create easy visual of all the must-know material.

Now, even a photo folder can be put to other uses! But, sometimes using your packaging in other ways is not always what you need. Maybe you need a way to expand your product offering. In our final blog, we’ll explore some ways that you can get the best of both worlds and offer a true all-in-one type of experience.

Megan Arnold
Megan Arnold