Think Outside The Stock Packaging Box – Confection Edition

by Megan Arnold July 08, 2020

When it comes to stock packaging, it can be hard to see beyond what the packaging was made for. A chocolate box is nothing but a chocolate box, right? With a little imagination, it’s easy to find another use for that stock packaging. Let’s explore a few different ways you can use stock confection packaging that isn’t just chocolate and pastries.

Auto Bottom Box

Black auto bottom box open and stuffed with self care items including nail polish, nail file, and hand lotion

Thanks to its simple box design, an Auto Bottom Box offers endless possibilities. Stuff the box with tissue paper to make a gift box for candles, lotions, or handcrafted soaps. Use it to package hand-sewn coin purses or packets of flower seeds. You could even use it to make a small, personalized self-care kit with lotion, lip balm, a bath bomb, and more.

4-Piece Favor Box

kraft 4-piece favor box with stud earrings displayed on soft cotton stuffing

Need something smaller? A 4-Piece Favor Box makes a great alternative. Use it to package handmade jewelry or keychains you sell on Etsy. Do you hand out samples of cosmetics or lotion? Instead of just using a little plastic container, why not package samples in an adorable box imprinted with your company’s name? It’s the perfect way to make a lasting impression.

Tapered Tote

Tapered tote stuffed with dog treats

Even dogs deserve nice packaging! Whether you bake homemade treats to sell or you gift them to all the animal lovers you know, make sure you package those dog treats in something worth showing off! These Tapered Totes make a great option. They’re the perfect size for a handful of those special goodies, plus there’s a window so loving animal parents can see exactly what’s inside.

Now, that simple chocolate box can be used to package whatever product you might have in mind! But, why stop at just confection packaging. Even photography packaging can have other uses. Be on the lookout for a next blog about how photography packaging can be reimagined.

Megan Arnold
Megan Arnold