The Texture Mixture: 3 Ways to Alter the “Feel” of Your Packaging and Sell More

by Austin Johnson February 03, 2016

Have you ever thought about the actual feeling of your packaged product in the hands of the consumer? There’s more to packaging than meets the eye. The consumer experience is multi-sensory, mainly including sight and touch. It’s an important component of the “selling point” – that critical moment in the purchasing decision-making process.

If the consumer is actually taking the product into their hands, texture is just one more aspect that could further convince the consumer to make a purchase. Texture can be a powerful element to distinguish your product in the market and enhance the whole story of your brand.

More can be done during the printing process than just applying color. Here are the top three ways that Tap uses packaging textures to strengthen a product’s appeal:

  1. Printed Coatings

Black Gable Box Deluxe with UV Coating

While coatings and inks typically alter the visual appeal, they also affect the feel. Printed Coatings options include UV or Aqueous. UV is shinier, softer and super smooth. It’s instantly cured providing for less scratching, and it doesn’t wear off as easily. It’s not recyclable, but it’s more durable. UV comes in gloss, satin or matte versions. Aqueous is a bolder application compared to UV; it is recyclable, and it also comes in gloss, satin, or matte.

Specialty printed coating orders can also be made for pearl, sparkle, or holographic options.

  1. Paper/Substrate

Custom Box with Kraft Paper and Foil Stamping

Paper and Substrate options include Kraft, SBS (Solid Bleach Sulfate), or Rigid Set-up Wrap Material. Kraft is recyclable and attractive to companies that value sustainability in practice and as part of their branding. Recycled Kraft paper’s brown color and rough, rugged feel gives it the natural look, alluding to an eco-consciousness company and consumer. SBS, or Solid Bleach Sulfate, is the standard type of paper used in manufacturing most folding cartons you see in stores. SBS is offered in different weights, and it comes in two variations: with a smooth coating on one side, or with a smooth coating on both sides. Wrap Material for Rigid Set-ups can come in paper board, synthetic material, linen or even leather. Once we have your preferences (the dies, foil stamping, embossing/debossing, colors, etc.) and printing complete, we wrap your rigid set-up with the final printed design.

In addition to these options, specialty material can be ordered.

  1. Embossed/Debossed with or without Foil Stamping

Custom Box with Gold Foil Debossing

Embossing (raised) and debossing (lowered) are done using copper dies and a lot of pressure. The thicker the substrate, the more emphasis. Words, symbols, and images can be embossed or debossed, adding a sense of depth to the art on the box. “It just gives it a high-end finish,” said Jaime Choudhury, Design Engineering Manager at Tap. “It accentuates different design features.” In addition, metallic embossing and debossing inks can be matched to Pantone colors.

For questions, more information, or to learn how we can custom design for you, please call 800-827-5679 today.

Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson