The Complete Guide to “Krafting,” 3 Ways to Package your Product in Kraft Paper

by Austin Johnson March 11, 2016

Word on the street is brown is the new black – specifically, Kraft brown.

And what a coincidence, because Kraft is just one of many types of stylized papers that Tap offers to forward-thinking businesses that want to brand smart, reach a target audience, and sell more using their packaging strategy.

But why is Kraft so popular and distinguishable in the market, and where exactly does it come from? How can I wrap Kraft paper around my product to convey my unique message to the public?

Well, we’re glad that you asked!

Incas Teas Custom Brand Kraft Packaging on Shelves

Here’s a little history lesson. Kraft was originally invented in Germany in 1879 by Carl F. Dahl. The word “Kraft” is German for “strength,” a meaning that rings true to its quality durability and its force on the shelves. In fact, 80% of the paper produced in the world is Kraft-based. That’s pretty ubiquitous.

So why does the recycled paper made from cellulose pulp from long wood fibers attract so much attention? The gritty, brown, sandy aesthetics and rough texture of this paper medium generates a bold statement. Here is a breakdown of a few of the most effective “looks” that you can create with trendy Kraft packaging to make your customers fall in love.

  1. The “Natural” Look

Custom Brand Kraft Packaging for Good Stuff Cacao

The primary reason that people choose Kraft is to convey an ethical message about taking care of the Earth. Sustainability is one of the hottest global topics right now, and since Kraft paper is recyclable and biodegradable, choosing Kraft says “we’re pro-sustainability.” If your target audience includes people who are earth-friendly and all around eco-conscious, then choosing Kraft will boost your appeal tremendously. Your target audience will naturally gravitate toward your product if it’s wrapped in Kraft.

  1. The “Artisan” Look

Custom Brand Kraft Packaging for Little Donut Shop

Do you want your product to appear especially unique and valuable? Kraft paper packaging also suggests that special handmade “artisan” feel. The unrefined “brick and mortar” process of making Kraft paper is apparent – there’s no covering up with gloss and bleach. The hard work and grit of a persevering artisan is suggestive in Kraft’s durability and grainy imperfections. Any customer will appreciate a product that appears individually crafted with care, and Kraft gives your product that distinction.

  1. The “Minimalist” Look

Custom Brand Kraft Packaging for Victoria's Secret

Kraft paper packaging embodies the idea that “less is more.” Something plain, simple and colorless suddenly stands out in a sea of its competitors’ screaming hues, textures and sheens. There’s no messing around with Kraft; the no frills minimalism renders a bold sense of modern sophistication. As a consumer, wouldn’t you trust a product that appears so down-to-earth and transparent, honestly authentic and clearly confident? Tip: use color in few accents to highlight the most important points.



Stock Packaging: Your starter palette for the perfect Kraft packaging masterpiece.


Selection of Tap’s Kraft Stock Line

If you aren’t ready to dive into the lucrative journey of designing your own custom Kraft paper packaging, you aren’t without a paddle. Tap has a Kraft paper option  for a number of its stock line products.  From artisan apple boxes to eco-friendly wine hangers, we offer an array of stock line packaging options in Kraft. Personalize your stock Kraft packaging with foil stamping and imprinting, colorful bows and ribbons, and you have a ticket to your customers’ hearts.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get Krafty.

Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson