Tap’s Top 5 Best Sellers in Stock Confection Packaging (2016)

by Tap Marketing December 06, 2016

Did you follow the packaging trends this past year, or were you a bit of a product marketing and merchandising trail blazer? Before we start counting down the seconds to the ball drop, we’re recounting our most popular confection boxes. See what the stats say and peruse the confection packaging “people’s choice.”


5. Auto Bottoms

Auto Bottoms are basic folding cartons, but they’re a staple for confectioners. The reason is simple — they’re quick and easy to assemble, they pack/stack well, and hold a variety of different kinds of sweets and snacks. They’re also popular to customize with hot foil stamping and imprinting. Check out Tap’s array of Auto Bottom design, size, holiday, and color options.

multi-colored autobottom boxes

Basic Auto Bottoms

holiday themed auto bottom boxes

Holiday Auto Bottoms


4. Two-Piece Folding Box

7 different quantity sizes, 4 different lid colors — Gold Foil, Silver Foil, Red Foil, or White. Heart or oval shaped windows give your customers a peek, or be mysterious with plain. Great for custom hot foil stamping or imprinting. These Two-Piece Folding Boxes are double the thickness with rolled edges, so you can be sure your assortments are safe and sound. And the 16-piece quantity size is also available with a clear lid.

two-piece folding box w/ heart-shaped window

2-Piece Folding Box

two-piece multi-colored folding boxes

2-Piece Folding Boxes


3. Artisan Rigid Set-Up / Artisan Rigid Set-Up with “Reveal”

Stunning shimmer and black textures, wrapped in premium materials. A luxury feel. Designed to hold 6, 12, or 24 truffles, but versatile for other assortments. The original Artisan Rigid Set-Up displays one solid color, but its counterpart “reveal” version allows you to mix and match base and lid colors for a more interesting visual merchandising strategy.

truffle box multi-colored shiny

Original Artisan Rigid Set-Up (without “Reveal”)

truffle box w/ reveal

Artisan Rigid Set-Up (with “Reveal”)


2. Two-Piece Rigid Set-Up Box

Our sturdiest rigid set-up box for your most high-end confections. Choose from 4 colors — Glossy White, Red Foil, Gold Foil, or Silver Foil. Accessorize with Stretch Loops. Imprint with your name for brand distinction.

two-piece setup box w/ ribbon and scattered chocolates

2-Piece Rigid Set-Up Box

two-piece multi-colored boxes

2-Piece Rigid Set-Up Boxes


1. Apple Box

This little 4 x 4 x 4 folding carton is a major pleaser and fills a specific seasonal need for confectioners. Available in three designs: Carnival Stripe, Kraft, and Plain White. Perfect for customization with hot foil stamping and imprinting. An “x” shaped slit allows the stick to poke through the top, and a window tempts your customers with your sumptuous sweet apple.

apple boxes kraft, white, carnival stripes

Apple Boxes

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