Tap’s Top 4 Merchandising Strategies for Displaying Your Holiday Sweets

by Tap Marketing November 07, 2016

If you run a storefront, having a creative visual merchandising strategy is key to get your customers excited about your brand for the holidays. The best way to do this is by deriving fun, surprising ways to place your packaged product within your winter wonderland in the sea of twinkling lights and tinsel.

Make shopping for your product a fun and entertaining experience. The goal is for your customers to take home something in addition to your packaged sweets — holiday packaging that can be re-purposed, or maybe even inspiration from your spectacular holiday merchandising landscape.

Make your customers leave with a sparkle in their eye, as they fall further in love with your brand!

red poinsettia metallic packaging

“Red Poinsettia” Metallic Rigid Set-Up

1. Truffle Tote “Ornaments”

The intended use of Single Truffle Totes is for party favors, but they are undoubtedly reminiscent of little ornaments. Slip a simple wire ornament hook through the hole and adorn your holiday tree with them. Then let your customers pick their sweet little“presents” from the tree. Or even hang one in a doorway with some mistletoe… and watch love unfold!

Recommended: Let it Snow,” Red Pearl, Gold Pearl, and White Pearl will pop against the forest green color of a traditional holiday tree. Clear Plastic will allow your customers to directly view your delectable sweet.

let it snow silver holiday truffle tote“Let it Snow” Truffle Tote

2. Wine Hanger “Garland”

If you’re already stringing garland around display tables and ledges, take the opportunity to string your chocolate, too. The wine bottle hole on Tap’s Wine Hangers is just wide enough to fit garland through. Incorporate this alternative way of visually associating your sweets with the holidays next to the traditional form of display on a wine bottle. Suggest to your customers that chocolate filled wine hangers make the most pleasing party favors, or even surprising components of delightfully sweet centerpieces.

Recommended: “Let it Snow,” “Candy Ribbon,” Kraft, and Burgundy Vine.

multicolored, variably-styled wine hangers

Wine Hangers

3. Ribbon Top “Stocking Stuffers”

Ribbon Top boxes resemble the ideally tied gift box, and they are available in sizes small enough to hide in all sorts of crevices and sneaky places. Hang a furry red and white stocking in your store, and stuff it with these Ribbon Top boxes. Your customers won’t be able to resist picking one out. Or scatter them among your sweets on mantles, tables, fake snow, or ledges.

Recommended: “Green Ornaments” and “Red Snowflake

blue pin dot ribbon top boxes

“Blue Pin Dot” Ribbon Top Box

4. Rigid Set-Up “Presents”

Customers love Tap’s Rigid Set-Up boxes because they have the quality and beauty to be re-purposed, even after the delicious chocolates inside have disappeared. Display these shiny metallic Rigid Set-Up boxes as “presents” overflowing from Santa’s bag, or exploding out from beneath a holiday tree. Stack them on risers or platforms, and your store will shine like the North Star!

Recommended: Metallic Holiday Set-Up Boxes and Two-Piece Set-Up Boxes

2 piece multicolored holiday setup boxes

Two-Piece Set-Up Boxes

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