Tap’s Investment in HP Indigo 30000 Featured in Folding Carton Industry Magazine

by Austin Johnson September 14, 2015

Tap’s HP Indigo 30000, the first digital press designed for folding cartons

CLEVELAND – September 10, 2015 – Tap and its new HP Indigo 30000 were featured in Folding Carton Industry’s article, “Investing in Digital,” written by Jackie Schultz and appearing in the September/October edition.

Highlights from the Article:

The article showcases a new Tap customer, Chill Pop, and their experience working with Tap to design, digitally print and convert their new popsicle packaging, which was pitched and sold to Whole Foods. As a Cleveland start-up business, Chill Pop had heard of Tap and knew of its recent Paperboard Packaging Council’s Gold Award for the Inca Tea Box. “We really liked the packaging for Inca Tea,” says Elizabeth Pryor, one of the founders of Chill Pop. “…We set up the meeting and it was excellent to work with them right from the start. Brittany Vazquez, Tap Packaging designer, had a sample for us to look at in a few days so we went into the meeting with Whole Foods with a great mockup of a carton.”

The Chill Pop folding carton was ideal for the HP, Jordana Revella, vice president of sales and marketing at Tap Packaging, explains: “Because they have six versions and two are in test market phase, the HP made complete sense. With the HP there are no plates and we don’t have to gang run a job to get all of the versions into one print run. That means each of the versions can be printed with their own quantity. It also means that for their next run, when they have sales data guiding their run quantities, we can easily increase watermelon to say 7,000 and change strawberry to 4,000 and plum to 3,500 without having to change layouts and without having to create new plates. It also means they have flexibility in testing out new flavors without having to commit to large quantities.”

The article also goes into detail on the reasons for and benefits of digital printing technology, with personalization, versioning, shorter lead times, reduced obsolescence and sustainability as key benefits of Tap’s investment into this digital technology. “We’ve really only scratched the surface of what we can do with this press,” Tony Hyland, president and CEO of Tap Packaging, states in the article. Click here to open the September/October edition of Folding Carton Industry, and read the entire article, which can be found on page 36.



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Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson