Tap’s Design and Engineering Manager Reaches Out after the 2015 Brand Packaging Conference

by Austin Johnson November 17, 2015

In October 2015, Tap Packaging Solutions attended the “Packaging that Sells” Brand Packaging Conference.

The educational event for designers, brand owners and packaging companies was held at the historic Drake Hotel in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. Over 350 people attended the conference. Jaime Choudhury, Design and Engineering Manager, and a couple of other key representatives from Tap participated in the event. Tap Packaging Solutions values the Brand Packaging Conference and attended as a corporate sponsor.

“We’re trying to get more involved with the industry and attend different shows,” said Choudhury, who attended this show for the first time. Choudhury has 16 years of experience in the packaging design industry, and she was pleased that Tap was able to be part of the conference this year.

The team listened to live storytelling presentations from various brands about the design process, in addition to exhibiting a booth featuring the “variable data” digital printing capabilities on Tap’s HP Indigo 30000 Press.

Choudhury’s favorite brand storytellers included keynote speaker Craig Dubitsky, Founder and CEO of Hello Products LLC, among many others such as Adam Schettle, Senior Director of Global Packaging at Motorola Mobility, Cindy Brasic, Private Label Brand Manager at Ace Hardware, Alan Murray, CEO and President of NextFoods, and Milana Kosovac, Founder and Partner at Miloby Ideasystem. Each speaker shared a personal story about package design evolution and branding from concept to implementation reality, and how to use thoughtfulness to become a better designer.

“All of the presenters shared the pains and challenges that got them to the point of success,” Choudhury said. “As a Design and Engineering Manager, it truly tickled me to see all of these brand owners talking about their struggles because it was always the same thing. They would rush and get it wrong, and they would have to start over at the drawing board,” she said.

Custom packaging designed by Tap

Choudhury was particularly impressed by Kosovac’s address, which concerned five major challenges of a designer: (1) establishing a stable partnership of trust between the designer and client, (2) having the time and space to be creative, (3) the correct parameters, (4) materials and (5) resources.

“Kosovac spoke about the same design challenges that we face every day at Tap. Designers are artists – we have to make creative time and space to be creative. Everything to us is an extension of oneself.”

Tap also enjoyed the address given by Suranee Abeysuriya, Director of The Big Picture Design Research, who talked about the future of online ordering for packaging and omni-channel consumers, because it was congruent with Tap’s future goals in web-to-print. “We just purchased Esko, which is going to give us 3D design capabilities and allow us to create a 3D rendering of packaging that we design in real time,” Choudhury said. “The user experience is improved and turn-around is shortened.”

According to Choudhury, the Brand Packaging Conference reaffirmed her core belief that Tap Packaging Solutions is on the right track and the company is a leading manufacturer in the packaging design community. Tap is distinguished for its strong partnerships between the designers and clients, implementing a passionate and caring approach to all projects.

“Customers become friends of ours,” she said. “We want them to succeed. To do so, we go above and beyond to make sure that they do.”

Choudhury plans on returning to the 2016 Brand Packaging Conference with a team of Tap Packaging Solutions designers and engineers.

Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson