Tap’s 2015 Top-Selling Confection Packaging

by Austin Johnson December 22, 2015

At Tap, we know that the packaging world can be challenging to navigate during a busy retail season. With all of the innovative styles, trends and competitive options, it can be tricky deciding which stock packaging option is right for your unique brand and confections.

Tap Packaging Solutions has come up with a list to help ease the decision-making process in the next round of celebrations and seasons. With the dawning of 2016, we’ve decided to tell you about our popular stock confection packaging products of the past year.

“This list shows you the variety of packaging that people from coast to coast purchase from us, and the variety of confection products that people use across the United States,” says Michael Aumock, Business Development Specialist at Tap. “It’s not just one style of box – it’s everything from apples to truffles. There is a box for every season.”

You purchased from us and trusted us with the image of your precious confections. This list is reflective of your (the people’s) choice.

  • Artisan Truffle Boxes

High-end Artisan Truffle boxes are an integral offering in the two-piece set-up box category. They come in sizes of 6-piece, 12-piece and 24-piece, and you can choose from stunning colors and textures like bronze shimmer, gold shimmer, silver shimmer or textured black. Our newest extension is the Artisan Truffle with Reveal; the lid of this variation reveals the base, giving you the freedom to mix and match the overall appearance of colors like bronze shimmer, silver shimmer, winter white shimmer, gold shimmer, red shimmer, silver shimmer and textured black as you please.


  • Wine Hangers

Wine hangers are the ultimate party gift. We offer these one-piece folding cartons in 2 or 4-piece sizes and in a selection of up to 15 different colors, designs and fun holiday-themed patterns. Partner up with local wineries or wine shops, or hang these on any kind of bottle for the perfect wine and chocolate pairing.


  • Two-piece Folding Cartons

Two-piece folding cartons are a hot category that includes Auto Bottom Boxes with Clear Lids, Two-piece Folding Boxes, Two-piece Square Boxes, and Truffle Slides. Auto Bottom bases with Clear Lids give your customers a full view of what’s inside, and the rectangular Two-piece Folding Boxes also come with a clear top, oval window, heart window, or plain. Two-piece Square Boxes function similarly in a variety of solid bases and clear, patterned and colored tops with or without windows, and Truffle Slides come with your choice of tops for either 2 or 4-piece capacities.


  • Truffle Slides

Of all of the two-piece folding cartons, Truffle Slides remain a significant favorite. Can you think of a better way to protect and show off your delicate truffles? Choose from either a sophisticated embossed sleeve, a solid-colored window sleeve or a clear lid. Colors include black, brown, maroon, pearl and white.


  • Apple Boxes

Our Apple Boxes received a wave of popularity this year. Apple Boxes fall under the category of one-piece folding cartons; the front window allows an attractively coated apple to be viewed from the top and bottom, and a slit at the top allows the stick to naturally protrude from the box. Choose from a Kraft, white or carnival stripe design.


Remember that whichever variety of confection stock line packaging you select, it can be customized with logos and imprinting. The more customized your package appears, the better chance you have at making a strong connection with the consumer and selling. So give your confections a little bit of character, and leave a lasting impression on your customers before and after they make their purchase with any of our top-notch best sellers of 2015. Call 800-827-5679 to speak with one of our reliable sales service specialists or visit confectioner.tap-usa.com to explore our diverse capabilities.

Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson