Tap Recognized as a G7 Certified Facility

by Megan Arnold February 24, 2020

Cleveland, OH – Tap Packaging + Design is proud to announce their recent certification as a G7 Master Facility. G7, a global standard widely used to measure the color accuracy on any output device, is an industry-leading set of specifications from Idealliance for achieving visual similarity across print processes. This new qualification certifies that Tap Packaging + Design is a proven quality leader in print, pre-media, and creative services.

G7 Master Colorspace Qualified Facility Badge

The G7 Master Colorspace certification is the third level of certification offered by Idealliance and is the most stringent. In order to qualify, a facility must meet the requirements of the previous two levels of certification as well as match an entire Reference Print Condition. Passing the requirements demonstrates that a facility is able to maintain extremely tight tolerances through the whole color space, and not just the primaries and secondaries (CMY and RGB).

The advantages of using a G7 Certified Facility are numerous. Color consistency is of high importance when trying to reinforce trust with customers. Consistent color can help to increase perceived value of quality while inconsistency can subconsciously diminish it. Brands can also benefit from increased efficiency with reduced cost of proofing, reduced waste, and higher consistency with reprints.

To learn more about what Tap Packaging + Design has to offer or to learn about the custom packaging options, please visit tap-usa.com.

Megan Arnold
Megan Arnold