Tap Packaging + Design Discontinues Stocked Product Line; Focuses on Custom Packaging Capabilities

by Megan Arnold September 07, 2021

Dear Confection Customer:

Tap Packaging + Design announces it will discontinue its Stock Line of Confection Packaging in order to fully focus its capabilities, creativity and capacity in the area of custom packaging. The company plans to close its Call Center, Amazon Store and Ecommerce Shop by November 1; all catalog product will be available while supplies last.

This decision only affects the stocked product Tap sells through its Catalog and ecommerce platforms. Tap will continue to partner with confection brands to design and manufacture custom paperboard packaging.

We understand this discontinuation may create challenges for some of our stock customers who rely on Tap for stock packaging year after year. If the opportunity exists to turn a catalog buy into a custom buy, Tap will happily discuss those options with you. If you’re interested, please reach out to your Tap representative, or email CLECustomerService@tap-usa.com.

A little history.
In 2011, Tap Packaging launched the Confection Collection, a catalog of cartons, auto bottoms, and rigid boxes designed to provide a fresh and fun alternative to the standard boxes known to the confection market for decades. This was our entrée into the confection market. And while gaining a foothold in this very competitive catalog-based market was difficult, the launch of this Stock Line brought Tap into the spotlight. It created the foundation for our success as a custom packaging supplier for the confection market.

Today, Tap partners with local, regional and global consumer brands – across the country – and in many different markets. And we look forward to growing these relationships in the years to come.

If you have questions about any back-ordered product you are currently due, or questions on whether or not your volume would qualify for a custom buy, please email CLECustomerService@tap-usa.com.

Jordana Revella
Vice President
Tap Packaging + Design

Megan Arnold
Megan Arnold