by Anna Brown October 17, 2022

Cleveland, OH - Tap Packaging + Design is proud to announce their re-certification as a G7 Master Facility. G7 is a calibration and process control methodology certified by Idealliance and RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). The acronym G7 stands for grayscale and 7 Colors (CMYK process colors + red, green, and blue overprints).

Idealliance G7 Master Colorspace Facility Certificate

The benefit of using a certified G7 Master Facility is assurance of color accurate reproduction from proof to press, from press run to press run and even between certified facilities. Buyers seek out G7 facilities across their supply chain to ensure color integrity of their brand. From primary packaging, like tubes or jar labels, to secondary packaging like, folding cartons or rigid set-up boxes, if all printed products follow the same set of specifications for achieving gray balance it is possible to achieve visual similarity across all print processes. Color consistency in packaging is essential to brand recognition and a lack thereof can degrade customer trust and jeopardize brand identity. 

Following the G7 methodology not only results in more consistent color but also allows for faster make-ready and reduced waste on press, resulting in faster turnaround times while at the same time conserving valuable resources.

Anna Brown
Anna Brown