Sometimes Packaging Is Meant To Be Hidden

by Megan Arnold July 30, 2021

Picture this: you’re at work, counting down the minutes until you get to go home and eat that Oreo cookie you’ve had saved for a day just like today. You race home, rip open the pack, and find… nothing. There’s a cookie thief in our midst! Makes for a disappointing end to your day, doesn’t it?

Two pictures showing the Oreos packaging sitting on a bookshelf disguised as a cook bookWell, Oreo is looking to fix that with their new Oreo Thins Protection Program. Just like the Witness Protection Program, it’s all about hiding in plain sight. But instead of tiny mustaches you can stick on your cookies, this program involves some key partnerships with brands that most kids, and some adults, would have no interest in.

Partnering with brands like Hanes, Green Giant, Ford, and Better Homes and Gardens, each pack of Oreos is designed to look like either a pack of white t-shirts, a bag of frozen vegetables, a truck user manual, or that classic red and white cookbook. With the bottom third of the bag disguised, you can now discreetly stash your cookies where no one will think to look! On your bookshelf? Cookies! In your glove compartment? Cookies!

New Oreos packaging disguised as a bag of frozen vegetables hiding in a freezer

Will eagle-eyed cookie fiends still be able to see through the ploy and potentially eat your stash? Maybe. But, this limited-edition packaging is a fun and unique way to show just how interactive packaging can be. Because, while you want your packaging to include all the must-know information your customers need, it doesn’t have to be all business!

Oreos packaging disguised as a Ford truck owner's manual hiding in a glove compartment

So, how do you add some creativity and fun when you can’t partner with big name brands? Try starting out small with something as simple as a QR code that leads to a fun little game or a creative video talking more about your product and brand. If you want to take it up a notch, add instructions for how your packaging could be repurposed into a fun DIY project.

Whatever you choose to do, just remember that it’s ok to have a little fun with your packaging!



Megan Arnold
Megan Arnold