“Share a Coke,” and Share a Chocolate Bar — Reaching Your Target Audience with Digitally Printed Folding Cartons

by Amanda Nugent April 18, 2017

The classic American brand, Coca-Cola, is on the leading edge of futuristic packaging and marketing trends. Browsing the soda aisle at the grocery story, have you ever came across something truly eye-catching, like Coca-Cola bottles wrapped in different personalized labels? If so, you’ve seen their variably printed packaging campaign in action — made possible with today’s digital print technology.

variable coke packagingImage from Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign is the quintessential example of how a business can leverage digitally printed packaging to launch a unique marketing campaign that’s fresh and new to an over-stimulated consumer market. They even launched the digitally printed personalized labels campaign for March Madness.

chocolate packagingDigitally printed chocolate bar boxes for client Fleurir Chocolates

Here’s the thing about traditional packaging. You know the feeling of having too many people trying to get your attention at once. Just like this, consumers today are constantly bombarded by thousands of different brands competing on the shelves for their attention using the same traditional approaches. Consequently, the consumer market is becoming harder to reach.

The solution?  Bridging this “noise” gap by personally connecting with your target audience with non-generic messaging that speaks directly to their uniqueness. Digital printing has come a long way since its advent over 20 years ago. Tap’s HP Indigo 30000 is the very first digital press designed specifically for folding cartons, and one of only a handful in the United States offering personalization, innovation, and new possibilities in the folding carton market. This press allows you to leverage variable printing, just like Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign, to sell to your target market. This means that each folding carton that comes out of the press can have different messaging, colors, designs, and images, all in one run.

digitally printed chocolate bar packaging

Digitally printed chocolate bar boxes for client Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company

Additionally, this packaging strategy isn’t limited to the beverage market or iconic brands like Coca-Cola. Smart businesses from large corporations to startups are getting ahead of the game and leveraging digital print technology in confection, household products, health & beauty, and gourmet food industries to reach their target market’s hearts.

Check out some excellent examples of digitally printed folding cartons manufactured by Tap for confection businesses like Fleurir Chocolates, Chocotenango, and Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company.

 chocolate containers

Digitally printed chocolate bar packaging for client Chocotenango

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Amanda Nugent
Amanda Nugent