Recap of Tap’s 2016 Packaging and Printing Awards

by Amanda Stein December 01, 2016

As 2016 is drawing to a close, Tap Packaging Solutions is excited to highlight some of the packaging and printing awards it received this past year. We would like to deliver a special message of gratitude to the dedicated employee-owners, professional creative team members, and fantastic customers who made these meaningful parts of our 2016 story possible. 

Click on Each Award Name to Learn a Little More About the Winning Box(es)

PAC Global Leadership

2016 PAC Global Leadership Gold Award Winner: RecRays Recycled/Reissued Vinyl Sunglasses, RecRays

PIANKO (Printing Industries of Ohio • N.Kentucky)

2016 PIANKO Print Excellence Gold Award and “People’s Choice Award” Winner: Tortuga 6 oz Rum Turtles, Tortuga Imports

2016 PIANKO Print Excellence Silver Award Winner: Brix Bites 3 oz Target Box, Brix Chocolates

2016 PIANKO Print Excellence Silver Award Winner: SureSport Compression Sleeves, BraceMart

HP’s Inkspiration Awards of North America

2016 HP Inkspiration Awards of North America Winner: Fleurir Chocolates — Taste the Nation, Bar by Bar, Fleurir Chocolates

packagePRINTING Magazine Excellence Awards

2016 packagePRINTING Magazine Excellence Award Winner: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Gift Set

PPC (Paperboard Packaging Council) Competition

2016 PPC Competition “Rigid Box of the Year”: Leimotiv Eau De Parfum, Benevolent Beauty

2016 PPC Competition Excellence Award Winner: Happ & Stahns Hand Cream, Benevolent Beauty




Amanda Stein
Amanda Stein