Prototyping: The Key to Better Brand Packaging Results

by Amanda Nugent May 22, 2017

In an ideal world, you would snag the perfect brand packaging design on the first try. Sales would flood immediately through the roof, and you would see customers flocking the shelves, because your brand packaging had the trifecta: it was functional, attractive, and told your story so well.

However, in a rapidly changing consumer market made up of millions of unique individuals, most brand owners don’t just hit the jackpot on the first attempt at successful brand packaging. It can take a few (or more) tries, some re-working, a strong partnership with your packaging manufacturer, and just plain old pure grit to reach the highest optimal value in your brand packaging.

Entrepreneur defines “Prototype” as, “a replica of a product as it will be manufactured, which may include such details as color, graphics, packaging and instructions.”

ulimana prototype tap packagingUliMana’s Packaging Prototype + Final Packaging, designed and manufactured by Tap. Read the Case Study on UliMana’s re-branded digitally printed truffle packaging. 

The prototyping phase is an exciting time — it’s the most kinetic step in the brand packaging development process. It’s when your whole team comes together to figure out what’s possible, single out the best aspects, and bring your brand packaging to life. The prototype is evolving, and it’s the focal point of your work-in-progress from which you have agency to review, play with processes like test marketing, and continue mapping out the next steps toward your optimal brand packaging.

The prototyping phase isn’t just a suggestion— it’s crucial, because it could save you a lot of unnecessary worry. Prototyping is a time for identifying critical challenges and steering your ship away from foreboding pitfalls and malfunctions, which if you’re not careful, could end up robbing your company’s bottom line.

Engage whole-heartedly and take advantage of the prototyping process by 1.) Using the Right Technology and 2.) Forming Strong Team Partnerships. This is how you avoid making silly mistakes that can cost your company money (which you could use to build better brand packaging in the future).

Tap’s HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press is the perfect prototyping accessory and marketing tool that will help you get the most out of your folding carton brand packaging development and reach its optimal value.

chocolate prototype packaging rowChocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company’s prototype point-of-purchase folding carton display boxes, designed and manufactured by Tap. Read the Case Study on Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company’s re-branded digitally printed bar boxes. 

The HP Indigo 30000 is unlike any traditional press, because it can print short runs — so you can test market your packaging prototype and see how it performs in sales. And with zero setup, Tap’s HP Indigo 30000 is fast; so when you get a burst of inspiration and need to test that prototype brand packaging right away, Tap is your go-to manufacturer for the job.

If you’d like to learn more about prototyping packaging, check out this free webinar on prototype packaging, previously recorded by BXP Magazine. Call 800-827-5679 or e-mail to ask about Tap’s prototyping and digital press capabilities.

Amanda Nugent
Amanda Nugent