Practical Tips For Developing Product Packaging

by Megan Arnold May 20, 2021

We’ve talked a lot about the various design elements of packaging. Opting for more sustainable materials, adding certain finishing touches like foil stamping, or what’s most important for e-commerce packaging. But maybe you still feel stuck?

If this is your first-time designing packaging or you still consider yourself a bit of a novice, then you know that this can be a big endeavor. When you’re just starting, it’s not easy to figure out what’s going to be best for your brand and your product. So, here’s a few practical tips to help you as you navigate your packaging journey.

Remember to Take Your Time

Launching a new product can be exciting. You just want to get it on the market and into the hands of consumers. But don’t go sprinting for the finish line. Rushed product packaging will do you no favors. Instead, take your time in development, starting with the box itself. If you can, try to get some prototypes or mockups. Hold the boxes in your hands, test the dimensions, open and close the boxes. If something doesn’t feel right, then don’t forge ahead. Go back to the drawing board until you’ve got packaging worthy of the investment.

Put Your Packaging Through The Paces

Packaging is so much more than just a box with graphics. It’s the thing keeping your product safe until it reaches its destination. That’s why it’s important to make sure your packaging is up to the task. Will it protect your product as it’s tossed around during shipping? Will anything break if it’s buried beneath a cart of other items? Graphics may be important, but those won’t matter if your product can’t show up in one piece.

Do Some Shopping Of Your Own

Unless you’re creating a brand-new item in a never-before-seen category, chances are you’ve got some competition. Use that to your advantage! Next time you head to the store, look around. How is the competition packaging their products? What kind of materials are they using? Are there certain design elements catching your eye? Use this as your chance to see what everyone else is doing and figure out how you can do it better.

Test The Waters

Even the most established brands don’t go straight to market. They conduct market research to ensure their product isn’t going to be a flop right off the bat. But maybe you can’t afford a big market research campaign. The next best thing? Your family and friends! Don’t be afraid to ask for their opinion. What do they like? What do they dislike? What’s their first impression? Their answers will give you the valuable knowledge you need to decide if you should keep moving along or go back and adjust a few things.

Leave It To The Professionals

Designing packaging can be a big undertaking, especially if you’re new to it. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Professional designers can narrow in on trends you should pay attention to, answer the questions you didn’t even think to answer, and generally help guide you in the right direction towards packaging that will help your product stand out.


Megan Arnold
Megan Arnold