Packaging Trends: 2022

by Noah Schiberl March 25, 2022

The design on your packaging can make or break your product. A bad design could make a great product fail in the market, while a good design will speak for your brand before a customer even gets to the actual product. We have a few different trends you are bound to see in 2022.

Pepsi Halftime Show QR Code

QR Codes:

We have seen the growth of QR codes over the last couple of years. The possibilities with these codes are endless. The code could take the customer to the brand’s website, where they could learn more information about the product, or it could take the customer to their app and give them an exclusive and unique experience. In Pepsi’s case, the QR code they used on their Super Bowl cans took consumers to their app where they would get early access to exclusive sweepstakes and much more! 


Colorful Packaging Niche Tea Box

Colorful & Loud Designs:

Depending on the product you’re trying to sell, joyful and colorful packaging is one way to really draw the attention of a consumer. Colors influence people, and the colors used in a design can influence the feelings a consumer gets when examining a package design. The designs on the Niche Tea containers are a great example with their fun and interesting abstract designs and colors.

Interior Package Design:Interior Packaging Design

A great analogy for this idea would be to view a product the same way we view people, it’s about what is on the inside that counts. Jana Iverson from the PakFactory explains this perfectly when she says: “Beautifully crafted interiors provide the customer with a sense of anticipation during the unboxing experience, adding to the impact of your branding.” This is especially true for e-commerce products. When almost all mail products arrive in the same old brown box, the exterior and interior design can create a surprising and exciting unboxing experience!

Noah Schiberl
Noah Schiberl