Forget Fashion Trends, Here Comes Candy Trends

by Megan Arnold June 16, 2021

Watermelon sucker on a yellow backgroundIn case you didn’t know, June is National Candy Month! And what better way to discuss all things delicious then to dive into the trends you’re sure to see in 2021. Maybe you’ll even want to implement a few of these trends within your own confectionary line.

Courtesy of the 2021 Sweets & Snacks Expo, here are some of the top trends:

  • Smaller Pack Sizes: Health has always been an important factor for a lot of people, but health and sweets don’t always see eye-to-eye. So, how do you cater to the health conscious when your main product is candy? Simple. Create smaller pack sizes, especially those with 200 calories or less. With a smaller pack size, everyone can enjoy their favorite treats in moderation.
  • Tropical Flavors: After spending the past year indoors, everyone is eager to get outside! Which means those sweet, refreshing flavors that just scream summer are on the top of everyone’s list. Even if you’re not quite ready to travel, you can still get away to tropical beaches with flavors like pineapple and coconut making an appearance.
  • Mix and Match: Even your favorite candy can sometimes start to get a little boring, which means it’s time to shake things up! This year, try changing up the flavor combinations that your customers already know and love. Hey, maybe they’ll even discover a new favorite.
  • Spice It Up: There are plenty of spicy foods out there – chips, sauces, wings – but have you ever thought to put the spice in your candy? That’s right. One of the trends this year is all things spicy so give your chocolate a little kick with some chili, sriracha, or habanero flavor added in.

Tell us, which of these trends are you going to try out in 2021?



Megan Arnold
Megan Arnold