Engage With Customers Using Virtual Reality

by Megan Arnold May 19, 2020

Times have been tough. We’ve all been challenged with how to connect with customers in unique and meaningful ways when we can’t interact in person. How do you connect with patrons who can’t visit your museum? How do you stay in touch with restaurant guests when they can’t sit in your booths? What more can you do beyond emails and social media? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple: Virtual Reality.

People are taking in a lot of content from the comfort of their own home, but that content is coming at them from a 2D screen. People are yearning to get out of their houses and experience the joys of life. They want to go to zoos, museums, summer camps, and amusement parks. Things they can’t do yet and might not be able to do for a while.

Woman wearing a virtual reality headsetVirtual reality allows people to experience these things in a different yet powerful way, and all from the comfort and safety of their own home. With something as simple as a cardboard VR viewer and a smartphone, they’re touring a museum in Paris, watching the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, or riding a roller coaster at their favorite amusement park. VR gives people that sense of being out in the world again. And for businesses looking to remain engaged with their customers, this couldn’t be more critical.

Take a look at these videos made by the Ohio. Find It Here campaign. These immersive videos allow people from all over the world to experience some of Ohio’s greatest attractions, everything from natural wonders to rollercoasters to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! And guess what? These videos weren’t created because of a global pandemic. They were created as a marketing strategy to promote Ohio’s attractions. Making virtual reality content is a unique marketing tool that can set you apart from the crowd. It’s the perfect way to both promote your business and educate your consumers in a way that’s unlike anything else.

DodocaseVR headset and sleeve

And, investing in virtual reality now sets you up for major returns on investment once life does go back to normal. Just imagine the connection you can make with customers when they get to have an immersive experience with your brand while stuck at home. Take them on a ride of your greatest attraction and they’ll be itching to visit once the park reopens. Show them the works of art in your museum and they’ll be yearning to see them in person. Take kids on an educational walkthrough of your botanical gardens and suddenly they’ll have something to look forward to! Creating this content now helps your brand stay connected with your loyal customer base, plus it also opens you up to a whole new audience that may not have known you existed in the first place.

Dodocase Virtual Reality Viewer for Valravn RollercoasterBut once you have the video, what’s next? You need a VR Viewer, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive headset that costs hundreds of dollars. It can be as simple as a cardboard viewer and a smartphone. In fact, did you know that Tap Packaging actually manufactures cardboard virtual reality viewers? Check out our website DodocaseVR. These viewers give you a one-two punch when it comes to your brand’s marketing efforts. Not only can you give your customers a more cost-effective way to experience VR, but you can customize the viewer with your artwork and your brand.

Virtual Reality is truly a great way to bring the world inside the comfort of everyone’s homes and it’s a great way to keep your brand engaged. If you’re interested in creating a VR viewer, visit dodocasevr.com to learn more about the viewers and to fill out a form to get your project started today!

Megan Arnold
Megan Arnold