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by Tap Marketing June 28, 2016

If you’re not aware, August 10 is officially National S’mores Day. In the United States, this is a “holiday” — and it deservedly should be, because s’mores are a staple of American campfires across the country. There’s just something that’s not only nostalgic, but truly satisfying about the delicious, crunchy, melty gooey-ness of the simple outdoor dessert. It’s rugged, adaptable — and a little magical. It’s that little treat with a lot of character and grit.

Incredible S’mores Creations from the “Disney Parks Blog”

But this unique sweet snack doesn’t have to stay hidden among the trees. There are plenty of ways to put a gourmet twist on the fresh, char-grilled dessert that’s so often forgotten, sadly being left only to the kiddies and scouts…

So let’s get in the spirit and take advantage of this “holiday,” or just the season at least. Below are some gourmet s’mores-inspired confectionery recipes that will jazz up your store in those late summer and early autumn days, and your sticky marshmallow fingers won’t be able to resist. Your customers can enjoy the great outdoors, and the inside of your store.


Toasty Truffle Love. We found three different kinds of s’more inspired truffle creations that will make your customers fall in love. We picked out a few varieties to inspire you: Classic S'mores Truffles, Salty Peanut Butter S'mores Truffles, and the Boozy Variety of S'mores Truffles. Side note: wouldn’t these look great in some Truffle Slides, I Artisan Rigid Set-up Boxes, or Wine Hangers? 

Boozy S’mores Truffles from “Confessions of a Chocoholic”

S’more Apples. It’s deceiving. There’s more than just a fluffy marshmallow on that stick… and it’s still like eating a marshmallow fresh off the campfire. There are so many different ways to construct the architecture of s’mores covered apples to complement your branding strategy; check out these recipes from Country Living, Just Short of Crazy, I What's Cooking, Love? and Choosy Beggars. If you want to give yours even more sales character, perhaps you should stick that gooey apple right inside the perfect Kraft Paper Apple Box.

Superb S’mores Apple from “Choosy Beggars”

The S’mores Cupcake. You know how they always say you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Well, they were lying. When it comes to s’mores, you can have practically anything you want. To give you a few examples, check out these recipes for Peanut Butter S'mores Cupcakes, S'mores Cupcakes from the Java Cupcake Blog, Marshmallow-Filled S'mores Cupcakes, or These. But — you can’t sell your s’mores cupcakes without spectacular Cupcake Boxes. That’s Truth.

S’mores Anatomy Chart from “Talentadong Chef”

Roasted & Smoked. Bacon is trendy right now. But please, can you blame us? All those dynamic textures and flavors of the classic s’mores ingredient trio + bold smoky bacon coincide to form a delicious masterpiece in your mouth. This magical pairing practically spells the great American outdoors. Check out This Recipe from Kitchen Konfidence that has maple bacon baked right into the marshmallow. And if you want a little more crunch action, try making Bacon S'mores Popcorn, and package it up in an attractive Gable Box, Cello Candy, or Tapered Tote.

Bacon S’mores Popcorn from “Poet in the Pantry”

Maple Bacon Marshmallow S’mores from “Kitchen Konfidence”


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