Cleveland-Based Tap Packaging Solutions Lands the Cover of Package Printing Magazine for its Success in Digitally Printed Packaging

by Austin Johnson June 06, 2016

CLEVELAND – Cleveland-based Tap Packaging Solutions was featured on the cover of Package Printing Magazine 's May edition as a result of its recent success leveraging digital print technology for the folding carton market.

Tap has been located in downtown Cleveland for 110 years and was one of the first in the country to invest in the HP Indigo 30000, the first digital press designed specifically for folding cartons. A manufacturer of folding cartons and rigid set-up boxes for the confection, cosmetic, food and beverage markets, Tap's recent HP Inkspiration Award and its PIANKO (Printing Industries of Ohio and Northern Kentucky) Print Excellence/People's Choice Award combined with its investment in digital print technology sparked attention from the editors of Package Printing, who decided to feature Tap on the cover.

The feature, written by Package Printing Magazine, details the story of how the employee-owned company evolved from being the nation’s top photo packaging manufacturer to one of the leading producers of luxury digitally-printed folding cartons for the consumer products industry.

“We went into these new markets when, at the time, we were a 100-year-old company that really had to think like a startup,” says J. Anthony Hyland, president and CEO. “We had a sales force that was used to selling based on our reputation, and now we’re in a market where nobody knew who we were.”

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Tap Packaging Solutions is a leading manufacturer of folding cartons, rigid set-up boxes, and high-end presentation packaging for the consumer products industry. Located in Cleveland since 1906, Tap is engrained in the industry and ahead of the game with cutting-edge printing technology. Tap is also proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified with a multitude of capabilities that include digital and traditional printing, foil stamping, die-cutting and windowing. To learn more visit



Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson