Celebrate Earth Day With A Packaging Upgrade

by Megan Arnold April 22, 2020

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and when we normally think of Earth Day, we think of mass gatherings to clean-up trash or plant trees. Groups like that just can’t happen this year. But, there’s still something you can do to help celebrate today and well into the future. But first, let’s start with how Earth Day actually came to be. 

Single tree sitting on top of a green hillEarth Day began in 1970 as a way to publicly address growing concerns over the state of our planet. The brain child of Senator Gaylord Nelson, Congressman Pete McCloskey, and activist Denis Hayes, it started as on-campus “teach-ins” that were meant to attract the same energy as student anti-war protests.

Soon, the name was changed to Earth Day, a wide range of organizations joined the cause, and that first year 20 million Americans were inspired to voice their concern over air and water pollution. By the end of 1970, the United States Environmental Protection Agency had been formed and numerous environmental laws would be passed in the next two years.

Now that you know where it started, what can you do today to help contribute to the cause? Specifically, what can you do when it comes to your packaging?


Kraft paper is a great option for businesses looking to adopt some more eco-friendly packaging while also appealing to customers who are environmentally conscious. Just like SBS, CRB, or URB paperboard, kraft paper is a 100% sustainable option. Plus, it’s made from all-natural ingredients and virgin unbleached fibers, giving off a very natural look. Need a few examples of the type of kraft packaging you could utilize? Check out these options from Tap Packaging:

Kraft bottle holder with 4 glass bottles and kraft Thank You tag

4Pk Bottle Holder

This bottle holder is great if you’re a micro brewer or craft soda maker. It can even make a great option for unique wedding or shower favors!

Kraft Gable Box

Gable Box Deluxe

With a classic look, this box can be used for just about anything. Pack a lunch for a road trip, use it for candy, or even pack it with cookies or popcorn!

Kraft Medium Pillow Box

Pillow Box

Your packaging can extend beyond just candy and confection. Add a bow and this pillow box makes a great choice for wedding or shower favors. Or, add your logo and use it as a box for gift cards!

Kraft auto bottom box


Auto Bottom Box

These auto bottom boxes are great for almost anything – candy, cookies, party favors, or even packaging for things like jewelry. It’s a classic look that you can use for whatever your business needs.

Check out all the stock packaging options Tap has to offer. And, to learn more about Earth Day or see what you can do while at home, visit earthday.org!

Megan Arnold
Megan Arnold