Best Of Both Worlds

by Megan Arnold July 22, 2020

You’ve seen how you can put packaging to different uses, but have you ever thought about trying to expand your offerings? Maybe you run a photography business and want to branch out. Or maybe you run a candy company and are looking to offer some more all-in-one gifts. Check out these pairings that can help expand your company’s offerings.

Rigid Candy Box + Capitol Photo Folder

Red rigid candy box with a white capitol folder with a picture of a dad and son

A box of candy or a picture can make a great gift, but have you ever thought of putting the two together? Instead of selling just a box of chocolate, pair it with an empty photo folder so your customers can add their own personal touch. Or, if you own a photography business, trying team up with a local chocolate shop and offer special gift packages to your clients.

Atlas Certificate Holder + 4-Piece Favor Box

Blue atlas certificate holder with a kraft 4-piece favor holder with chocolate inside

You already know that certificate folders are great for stepping up your employee recognition awards, but what if there was even more you could do? The next time you hand out those awards, pair them with a 4-Piece Favor Box. Give them some gourmet chocolates or some other little gift to really show your gratitude for all the hard work.

Show-Off Easel + Business Card Box

Show off easel with one red and one blue business card box

Easels are great for displaying information at a tradeshow, but you may want to leave a more lasting impression. What’s something special you can do to stand out? Instead of just handing out your business card, attach a little chocolate to it! These Business Card Boxes feature a place to tuck your business card and are designed to hold a small chocolate bar. It’s hard to forget a company that displays information so well and supplies you with chocolate!

Now that you have some alternative ways to use packaging, try browsing our other stock offerings and see how else you can use those boxes and frames.

Megan Arnold
Megan Arnold