Autumn Attraction: Package Merchandising Tips for Fall 2016

by Austin Johnson June 30, 2016

Autumn 2016 will be here before you know it. If you plan ahead and use the right tools, you will have a bounty of green falling into your lap like orange leaves off the trees. This autumn, you have the power to be the director of customer experience in your store, decide which of your products are in the spotlight, and how they’re perceived.

So put on your inner creative visionary hat and take our tips below to 

Halloween Stock Die from Tap


Coordinate the perfect chemistry between your Packaging design and the rest of your visual merchandising strategy. Orchestrating unity in of the all visual aspects of your brand is critical; your customer needs a “road map” to your brand, because they’re navigating what’s important from the moment they step in the store or pick up your packaged product.

This is your opportunity. With the right details in place, you can make your customer experience fun, interesting, interactive — and focused on the products you want them to buy. Encourage them to stay and experience your setup, without even saying a word. It’s their choice.

The result? You’ve given the customer an enjoyable experience, and you sell more.

Focus on sensory to get your packaged product at center stage. What does fall feel like to the touch? On the eyes? What types of memories or concepts could it allude to? You should be like a packaging poet once you’re done brainstorming. So get experimenting — it’s time to figure our your fall visual sales strategy!


Texture + Tactile

Tap’s Kraft Packaging Line

Texture is a pivotal component of the selling point. Think of it this way — once your customer has the product in their hands, you already have them interested. If you can strengthen that connection through skin-to-product touch, then you’re just another step closer to the final purchasing decision. Take it from the Paper Queen — she can tell you all about how critical “feel” is to packaging.

Kraft Paper Packaging is classic for autumn. Think: rough, like autumn leaves. Smooth and shiny, like a caramel apple. Bumpy like a pumpkin…


Shades + Hues

“Brick Red” Triangle Tote with Ribbon from Tap

Early sunsets. Leaf strewn wooded paths. Murky like mercurial autumn skies, bright like a harvest moon. What is your color palette going to look like? Pantone's Fall Color Report 2016 can help you find something inspiring. There is also a plethora of color options to discover in Tap's Halloween and Fall Stock Line Collection. 



Symbols + Motifs

Black w/ Foil Bats Wine Hanger

There’s more symbolismincorporated into a brand than just the logo. You can strengthen communicationby experimenting with interplay between your package design and your store’s visual decor. If you have a simple gold foil stamped image on an important product’s packaging, turn it into a motif. Incorporate and echo that image in other places around the store in different forms. This serves as a subtle yet powerful reminderand reinforces your brand in the back of the customer’s mind, helping them focus on what you want them to buy.


Imprinting + Stamping Dies

Foil Imprinting Colors from Tap


Halloween Stock Die from Tap

Just one way you can create symbolism and utilize motifs is by taking advantage of Tap’s imprinting capabilities. Check out what Tap has available in our Halloween and Fall Stock Line Collection and go to our Imprinting and Foil Stamping page. Browse through fall-inspired foil colors, like copper, gold, orange, and burgundy.








Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson