5 Ways to Market and Sell Your Confections for Thanksgiving

by Austin Johnson September 29, 2016

Thanksgiving isn’t the most popular candy holiday of the year. However, there is a lot you can do to keep your sales streak up between the mega-holidays of Halloween and Christmas. Here’s how to leverage the busiest period of the year, and encourage your target market to “give thanks” with (and for) your candy!

1.Get Ahead of the Game

We’re all so focused on fall, pumpkin spice, and Halloween candies right now… But come November 1, you will have less than a month before Thanksgiving gatherings start occurring simultaneously. Market For Thanksgiving Now and take full advantage of the fact that that there’s more to celebrate during this lucrative period than just Halloween and Christmas.

Artisan Shimmer Rigid Set-ups

2. Copy Nature’s Colors and Textures

Firey paths of gold and red. Ominous clouds. Chilly breeze. Dancing leaves set free from the trees, swirling high in brisk blue skies. Crunch crunch crunch… Mimic the colors and textures of the season in your packaging strategy to to help conjure up those well known good feelings of fall. Play with Kraft substrate, earth tones, embossing… Be your own packaging poet!



Embossed Truffle Slides

3. Target Market 

If there isn’t an apparent niche for Thanksgiving candy, then make one. This American holiday is about “giving thanks.” So people might be bringing gifts to Thanksgiving gatherings for the hosts, or the hosts could be handing out party favors for large Thanksgiving groups. Or, the hosts may offer Thanksgiving themed candies for guests to graze on. Apply this question to your customers — and use your imagination to figure out how they can use your Thanksgiving candy.




Patterned Tapered Totes

4. Sound Your Message with Hot Foil Stamping

“Thanksgiving colors” tend to be dull or ablaze, dusted with browns and grays, to mimic the changing season outside; but your logo shouldn’t be dull. Use Tap's customization capabilities like hot foil stamping or imprinting to make your message pop among a sea of fall colors. You can also foil stamp images of Thanksgiving symbols, like a turkey, pumpkin, glass of wine…

Burgundy Vine-2-Piece Wine Hanger


5. “Recycle” Your Leftover Halloween Packaging

If the Halloween theme isn’t too strong, you can reuse your fall-themed packaging over again for Thanksgiving. Just embellish or tweak it a little to reflect the Thanksgiving feast… And you have your own packaging to “test market” your Thanksgiving candies.



Honey Gold Low Profile



Tap's Kraft Packaging Line

Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson